Combined PDF posted

Combined Regs_GL_Blog_RADS_MR

This posted PDF is a combination of the following documents :

  • Regulations for Agility Trials (as of 10/1/2015)
  • AKC Agility Judges Guidelines
  • Judge Blog entries 2010 thru Apr 2015
  • Rules Applying to Dog Shows
  • Match Regulations

As such, it allows you to search for a topic across multiple sources.

Premier Update

Happy New Year!

We would like to thank each of you for all of your work in 2015.  We especially appreciate your help as we rolled out Premier.  This has taken our course design skills in a new direction and the judges are leading this new program and finding new ways to incorporate challenges and speed at a level above the Exc/Master classes.

We have been working with some elementary information/guidelines for months.  We have made adjustments and changes throughout the development of these classes.  We have also been working to quantify information for course design, review and judging. Please take the time to review the Design Guidelines for Premier.  This is a living document that we expect to change as the class progresses.

We have also compiled a diagram with Premier course challenges to help clarify the requirements for the different challenges.  These sequences were to give you as starting point – they are not meant to be all inclusive.  We do not want to limit the number of unique challenges.  We have already seen some creative ideas from judges.  If you have a challenge you feel is appropriate for Premier please review it with your Rep.  Creativity will help the success of this class.

The review of these courses will include looking at the overall course content to determine if a course is Premier level or not.  In order to determine if a sequence is truly challenging we need to evaluate how a premier challenge can be approached, handled, and accomplished. Premier courses must be reviewed in their entirety to insure the course presented is a Premier level course and is safe.  Team work between the judges and Reps is what will make this class successful.

Thank you all for your work on this new class.  We have had good ideas and feedback not only from you, but exhibitors and clubs as well.  We appreciate the information you have been putting in your judges reports especially the yardage so we can continue to review the set course times.  Please continue to include Premier information in your Judge’s report.

While course times are set for this class, please post the times at the gate.  The exhibitors will appreciate having this information available.  Also remember that in order to qualify, the team must be clean and under course time.

If there are any issues with catalogs or scoring please contact any of the Reps. We will communicate with Steve so he can work with the club or trial secretary to solve any problems.

We wish you all the best in 2016,

Carrie, Arlene, Doug, Gail, Lisa, Mark, Rhonda, Steve, Terri

Design Time

Premier Course Design Challenges-012716



As The Crow Flies

This website has been found to be pretty close to the AKC calculations for distance between trials

Please remember if it is close contact the Companion Operations office for the final determination.

We wish every one a Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.  Plus a big thank you from the AKC Agility Department for all each of you has done for AKC Agility over the past year.

Quick notes on updates for Regulations for Agility Trials

The majority of the changes were made to include the Premier class.  All changes are underlined in the book with the exception of Chapter 1, Section 3 since 1 word was removed.

In addition to the Premier class there were a few clarifications to the Regulations:

Chapter 1, Section 3. Eligibility of Dogs – Removed the word “deaf” from Paragraph 7 allowing deaf dogs to compete.

Chapter 3, Section 12. Tire Jump – Additional clarification regarding tire jump

Chapter 4, Section 1. Course Size, Suitability and Facilities – Clarified that equipment may not be stored inside ring

Chapter 14, Section 7 – Updated height and Preferred class information

Chapter 14, Section 9 – Added measurements for Ascending Spread Jump for AKC heights

Chapter 14, Section 11 – Updated Equipment Chart

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Carrie & The Reps (Gail, Doug, Mark, Rhonda, Arlene, Terri & Lisa)

New Agility Regs posted to web site

An updated PDF copy of the AKC Regulations for Agility Trials has been posted to AKC’s web site at:

All AKC Licensed Agility judges will be sent a copy of the new Regs by US postal.

The “combined” PDF of Regs, G/Ls, Dog Show Rules, et al, tagged to the front of this Judge’s blog, has been updated.


Wheeling Premier STD and JWW for data collection

Dear Judges,

You will see on the Judges Report new lines for the Premier classes.  We would like to gather data on the length of courses that are being used.  If you could help us out by wheeling your courses for both the large & small dog path we would appreciate the data.  If you have a bi-directional obstacle please wheel the longer dog’s path.

Thank you so much for the help.

Judging Bi-Directional Obstacles in Premier – updated 10/7/15

Remember when judging bi-directional obstacles in Premier you do not judge refusals or run outs.  The images below will help illustrate some possible situations you may see in your course design.  If you have any questions about a specific bi-directional obstacle on your course design please check with your reviewing Rep.

Thank you for all your help and questions as we introduce this class.

Carrie & Gail, Doug, Mark, Rhonda, Terri, Lisa & Steve

(click on each image to open enlarged)

Premier-bidirect1 Premier-bidirect2

Premier – Board-Approved Agility Regulations

As Premier STD and JWW become titling classes this October 2015 weekend, below is a link to where you may find the approved AKC Regulations for Agility Trials that will be included in the next booklet edition.

AKC Agility Regs NEW Chapter 11 Premier

Please be aware material was handed out early on when formulating the scope of Premier which may be out-dated at this time. Please refer to the posted material above as to what was ultimately approved.

Questions about Premier? Contact your reviewing Field Rep.

Change in Regulations for Agility Trials allowing deaf dogs to compete effective Oct 1st

To:          All Clubs Eligible to hold AKC Agility, Rally and Tracking Events; AKC Delegates; and

AKC Agility, Rally and Tracking Judges

From:      AKC Companion Events

Date:      September 21, 2015

Subject: Allowing Deaf Dogs to Participate in Agility, Rally and Tracking

At the September 10, 2015 AKC Board of Directors meeting, the AKC Board approved a recommendation to allow deaf dogs to participate in AKC agility, rally and tracking events.

This change is effective for all trials held on or after October 1, 2015.

The following regulations will be modified to reflect this change:

Regulations for Agility Trials

Chapter 1 – Section 3. Eligibility of Dogs . (Change to paragraph 7)

Rally Regulations

Chapter 1 – Section 15. Disqualification, Ineligibility, Excusal, and Change in Appearance of Dogs. (Change to Paragraph 2)

Tracking Regulations

Chapter 1 – Section 13. Disqualification, Ineligibility, Excusal, and Change in Appearance of Dogs. (Change to Paragraph 2)

Comments may be sent to:

DQ / Excusal Spreadsheet Matrix

A Disqualification / Excusal spreadsheet matrix has been posted in the LINKS section to aid in determining when a dog’s actions should be disqualified vs excused.


If during an incident you have any questions, please contact a Field Rep or Carrie directly for guidance.

Agility Rep Contacts 072015

Updated Course Design Requirements reference document

An updated Course Design Requirement reference document has been posted in the LINKS section.

Course Design Requirements 08-12-15 (updated)


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